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Julia Kemp grew up in London where she enjoyed gymnastics, horseback riding, ice-skating, and roller-skating. Some subjects that she really thrived in school were history and dance.

Performing in front of an audience is definitely one of her favorite things to do as well. An example of this includes her Solo Concert Performance at Brookham School Christingle Service in 2010 at age 6. One of Julia’s first accomplishments in 2nd grade at age 7, was a pass with “Distinction” at the University of South London Musical Theatre Grade. Meaning that she demonstrated the ability to perform accurately from memory, with audibility, good projection and secure vocal technique, with evidence of an excellent sense of characterisation and interpretative skill.

One of Julia’s most recent performances was on July 17th  2015 at age 12 where she sang the national anthem to a sold out crowd of 17,000 people at the California Rodeo.

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